The initial ground training takes up the best part of one day. You’ll be given a log book to keep.
We understand individuals learn differently and at different rates. In other words there’s no limit to the time taken to complete the training. We go skydiving only when the instructors say “lets do it” and most importantly after you’ve said “yes, I’m ready”
Most jumps are filmed.

Cost to Learn

  • Initial training only - $150
  • First three Jumps including Initial Training - $1155
  • Dual instructor jumps - $335
  • Single instructor jumps - $295
  • Coaching jumps - $195
  • all inclusive 25 jump package to “A Certificate” (includes 5 coaching jumps) - $4,600
All prices GST Included

International Licence

We are Certified to train skydiving students to the standards and rules of the NZPIA (NZ Parachute Industry Association). When you qualify for your “A” Certificate the NZPIA issue it on behalf of the Director of NZCAA (NZ Civil Aviation).
This Certificate or Licence is recognised in most countries. Some organisations will require it to be converted to their system.
Phone Numbers
- 0800 75 93 48
- Landline 06 377 3641
- International +64 637 736 41
- Mobile 027 44 36 094
Physical Address: Drop Zone
Hood Aerodrome
177 South Rd
Masterton 5885
Mailing Address:
PO Box 2117
Masterton 5842
New Zealand
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