Where & When

Our DZ is located at 177 South Rd Masterton.
We operate most weekends.
The weather is often opposite to what it is in Wellington, therefore please call before you leave.
Best not to watch the TV weather reports. They are most usually wrong for the Wairarapa!

About our Drop Zone

We are an NZPIA affiliated drop zone, therefore you will be required to have an NZPIA Certificate/Licence.
Our jump ship is a Cessna 185 which normally carries five or six to altitudes of 10,000ft or 12,500ft

Required Licence/Certificate

In NZ you are required to hold a NZ Parachute Certificate issued by a NZCAA Part 149 certificate holder.
For visitors to NZ we need to check your existing licence & arrange a temporary or full NZ certificate issued by the NZPIA.
Phone Numbers
- 0800 75 93 48
- Landline 06 377 3641
- International +64 637 736 41

Physical Address: Drop Zone
Hood Aerodrome
177 South Rd
Mailing Address:
PO Box 2117
Masterton 5842
New Zealand
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