Welcome to the ultimate ride of your life.
You'll be given 20-30 minutes preparation and instruction, before boarding the aircraft.
This will first involve:
  • weighing in (Maximum weight limit 100Kg)
  • fill out the paper work
  • the fitting of a jumpsuit, hat, goggles & gloves if needed
  • a briefing on aircraft safety procedures
  • where you’ll be positioned in the aircraft
  • how you’ll exit
  • correct body position
  • what to expect in freefall
  • landing
The flight to exit altitude will take around 15-20 minutes. Before reaching altitude you will be securely harnessed to your Tandem Instructor. All pre jump checks will be completed and before you know it the door will open. Lots of noise, big smile for the camera, head back, hips forward, let the skydive begin. Words are not enough to explain a first skydive. We will leave that for you to describe.
Before you know it the parachute will open at around 5,000 feet. You’ll have about 5 minutes to enjoy the view before you land.
Our previous customers highly recommend (especially those doing their first skydive) that you ask for the jump to be captured on video, and or photographed. The memories contained in the DVD are amazing, and you will be forever showing friends and family how you enjoyed the ultimate adrenalin rush.
Finally, if you enjoyed your tandem skydive so much, then perhaps consider learning to skydive with our
AFF school.
Before leaving you'll be presented with your Tandem Skydive Certificate.